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Private saunas

offer our guests privacy and uninterrupted relaxation with beneficial effects on human health. There is a Finnish sauna made of light wood and steam bath. After warming up in the saunas, a cooling bucket is prepared for you. Part of the private saunas is the cozy relaxation area with seating and lounge chairs made of exotic woods. For a more relaxing enjoyment a wide range of refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are ready for you. Private saunas are suitable for couples or groups of friends.

Finnish sauna

In a Finnish sauna the human organism is exposed to high temperatures of about 80 ° -110 ° C at a relative humidity within the range of 8-15%. Intense sweating is happening, in which human skin removes impurities from the pores and is encourages The Finnish sauna has beneficial effects on the human mind, including the regeneration of the whole organism. muscle, has good cosmetic and relaxing effects.circulation. It is useful as a prevention against respiratory diseases, allergies, incl. skin and leads to the hardening of the whole body.

Steam room (bath)

Steam bath is very similar to the sauna. However, the climate in it is much wetter and less hot, only between 43 ° C and 46 ° C and relative humidity up to 100%. The body does not heat up as steeply as in the sauna. A steam bath is useful for respiratory diseases and rheumatic problems. A steam bath is useful for respiratory diseases and rheumatic problems. Has a beneficial effect on skin health, helps in cleansing the pores, the treatment of cellulite, acne, etc.. It is a good way to relax, stimulate vital functions, rejuvenates the body and supports weight loss.

Stay packages

  • Beer spa
    Beer spa

    from 2 025CZK

  • Wellness stay in Kutná Hora
    Wellness stay in Kutná Hora

    from 2 960CZK

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