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Wellness centrum offers following massages:

Classic massage

Classic massage is based on the traditional principlesof of Swedish methodology Pira Henrik Ling. Touches are quick and strong alternating with sensitive use of force (kneading, beating, vibration) and finer elements (friction, wiping, smearing). Special non-irritating massage substances are used, especially oils or emulsions.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage combines positive effects of classical massage with effects of essential oils and vegetable oils, coming from different parts of plants - flowers, roots, leaves, wood. This massage supports health, alleviates strain and stress, strengthens immunity and harmonize the body and mind. Calms overall as well.

Hot stones massage

Massage using different warm or hot stones, or simply applying a to the body. It has been known in China, India, Mesopotamia, as well as by the ancient Incas and Mayans for many centuries. Special smooth heated lava stones are used at therapeutic temperatures around 55 ° C.

Chocolate massage

The uniqueness of chocolate has been known for more than 2000 years and provides the body with good mood and markedly rejuvenates the skin. Chocolate massage is excellent for smoothing and beautifying the skin, cellulite and it washing away toxic substances and relaxing stiff muscles.

Indian head massage

Massage relieves tension and stress that we are constantly exposed to. Massage will lead you to the maximum relaxation and relief. It releases pain and tension in the neck muscles and shoulders.

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