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Beer spa

Beer spa

Kutna Hora is not only famous for unique cultural monuments but as well as for fact that beer was brewed in this city for ages. Local brewery Lorec is one of the oldest breweries in Bohemia and beer Dacicky is produced here until nowadays. Since the Middle Ages people knew this delicious drink which also worked as a soothing balm for body and soul. Therefore they began to rise so called Spa rooms (lezebny), where in large wooden vats the beer was pouring and where rich burghers bathed in. In Kutna Hora there was a several Spa rooms (lazeben) and after centuries of discontinuation this traditions is followed by a beer spa at hotel U Kata.

In old brick arches await for all our guests beer baths into which the water at about 35 ° C is impregnated and enriched with ingredients from which beer is brewed. Then the guest is immersed in the bath and left to the effects of minerals and living cultures which beer contains. Warm bath warms the skin and release the pores by which harmful substances are removed from the body. Beer yeast give the skin a number of vitamins B, proteins and saccharides and contributes to overall softening and regeneration of skin. Procedure takes about twenty minutes.Procedure is followed by dry wrap and relaxation for 25-30 minutes on a bed where your body sweats out and relaxes. In dim light and pleasant music your whole body is calming down. At the end of treatment, guests by themselves can make a delicious unpasteurized beer from the nearby brewery Kácov.

Beer Spa is a balm for the soul and body. Beneficially takes effect on your skin and hair, boost your immune system, warms the joints, relaxes muscles and regenerate your skin.

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  • Beer spa
    Beer spa

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