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Wine list

For current wine list please ask the service of hotel restaurant.

Wine list


Bohemia Sekt demi sec 0,75l 250 CZK
Bohemia Sekt non - alcoholic 0,75l 250 CZK
Ch. C. André Sekt Brut 0,75l 250 CZK
Prosecco Frizzante Doc Villa Cornaro 0,75l 260 CZK


Tramín - demi sec Moravia 0,10l 20 CZK
Chardonnay Italy 0,10l 20 CZK
Merlot Italy 0,10l 20 CZK


Veltlínské zelené - dry Valtice Wine Cellars 0,75l 210 CZK
A fresh and very light wine with a delicate aroma reminiscent of grapefruit, bananas. In the mouth, wine is balanced with fresh acidity and a clean finish. 
Chardonnay - demi-sec Winery Sedlák, V.Bílovice 0,75l 280 CZK
Dominated citrus fruit aroma as well as grapes aroma and baked raisins with dpivy honey undertone. Taste is rich, comprehensive, has a balanced sugar and acid.  
Sauvignon - dry Winery F.Mádl, V.Bílovice 0,75l 350 CZK
Aroma of blackcurrant, gooseberry and elderberry flower is in the taste accompanied by tones of tropical fruit with an impressive aftertaste of honey meadow.  
Rulandské šedé - dry Balgovo winery Tvrdonice 0,75l 350 CZK
Golden color and rich, yet delicate aroma of exotic fruit. The taste is rich and complex with fruity honey taste.
Pálava - semi-sweet   0,75l 350 CZK
The wine has green-yellow color with golden undertones. The aroma is very pleasant, prevails fruity, floral and spicy aromata.In taste you can find a combination of meadow honey, vanilla and citrus fruits, especially oranges.
Pinot Grigio del Veneto Sacchetto - dry Sacchetto, Veneto, Italy 0,75l 360 CZK
It is a very delicate wine with a balanced fruitiness, acid and elegance. Aromas reminds of lemon blossoms.


Zweigeltrebe Rosé - dry Winery Tetur, V.Bílovice 0,75l 250 CZK
Light rosé wine indicates refreshing experience. The fragrance is a combination of raspberries and strawberries. Pleasant fruity aroma is transferred also to taste this lightweight and easy-to-read wine.


Modrý Portugal - dry Winery Baloun, V. Pavlovice 0,75l 210 CZK
The wine is tartaric dark color with aromas of wild cherry and plum compote. The taste reflected pleasant spiciness represented by white and red pepper and cinnamon tones. The wine has a very balanced and warm feel.
Cabernet Moravia - dry Winery Sedlák, V.Bílovice 0,75l 280 CZK
The color is bright red with a touch of violet. The scent is tannin, after heating is blooming into green peppers and then into beautiful ripe raspberries. Flavor is fine, pleasantly rough, full of sweetish tannins and tones after dried red peppers and raspberries.
Cabernet Sauvignon - dry Moravíno Valtice 0,75l 360 CZK
Distinctive cabernet aromas of black currants, wild berries and violets. The taste is complex, structured with a mature plum and chocolate. Pleasantly fresh, velvety wine with distinctive tannins at the end.
Rulandské modré - dry Maravíno Valtice 0,75l 390 CZK
Wine has an attractive rasberry color. Scents of lush tones of red currants and raspberries passes into fruity taste, which is developing into citrus flavour.
Chianti Docg Duca di Saragnano - dry Toscana, Italy 0,75l 350 CZK
The aroma is typical, fruity, reminding cherries and harmoniously joined to cherry jam. Aromas of cherries and black fruits. 
Malbec Casarena - dry Mendoza, Argentina 0,75l 390 CZK
The rich scent of forest berry, dark stone fruit, plums and with light tone of resin. Very adaptable taste with a touch of spiciness.
Carmenere de Martino - dry Maipo Valley, Chile 0,75l  390 CZK
Beautiful ruby color, intense aromas of ripe red fruits, rhubarb, chocolate and pepper. Beautifully balanced, full and long finish.

All the mentioned wines contain allergen No.12 sulfur dioxide and sulphites.

Current offer of Kutna Hora wines on request at the service of hotel restaurant

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