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 80g Duck pate with toast wrapped in bacon with cranberry sauce (Allergen 1, 3, 7)  85 CZK
 80g Salmon tartare with toast, dijon mustard, red onion and lime (Allergen 1, 4, 10)  135 CZK
 80g Beef tartare (mixed)* with fried bread (Allergen 1, 3, 10)  145 CZK
 80g Toast with a spicy mixture of pork with cheese (Allergen 1, 7)  65 CZK
 100g Pickled camembert in cabbage, hot pepper and onion with bread (Allergen 1, 7)  55 CZK


 0,25l Beef broth with meat and noodles (Allergen 1, 3, 9)  35 CZK
 0,25l Garlic soup with cheese, ham and croutons (Allergen 1, 3, 7)  35 CZK
 0,25l Goulash soup in a bread loaf (Allergen 1)  65 CZK


 1500g Pork knee baked in beer with horseradish, mustard, onions and bread (Allergen 1, 10)  225 CZK
 1000g Roasted pork ribs in barbecue sauce with horseradish, mustard, onions and bread (Allergen 1, 10)  215 CZK
 1/4 Roasted duck with red cabbage and dumplings (Allergen 1, 3)  175 CZK
 150g Roasted beef sirloin in cream sauce with dumplings and cranberries (Allergen 1, 3, 7, 9, 10)  145 CZK


 200g Beef steak Entrecôte with honey-mustard sauce (Allergen 10)  265 CZK
 200g Beef sirloin steak with green pepper sauce (Allergen 7)  285 CZK
200g Grilled rolls of tenderloin on skewers with onion, bacon and peppers 165 CZK
 200g Grilled pork tenderloin with mushroom ragout (Allergen 7)  165 CZK
 200g Grilled pork tenderloin medallions with ham in roquefort sauce (Allergen 7)  165 CZK
 200g Marinated pork with thyme with green beans, garlic and bacon  135 CZK
200g Spicey pork mixture with vegetables 125 CZK
 200g Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and spinach with fresh lettuce leaves (Allergen 7)  145 CZK
 200g Fried chicken schnitzel of chicken breast (Allergen 1, 3, 7)  95 CZK
 200g Fried pork schnitzel (Allergen 1, 3, 7)  95 CZK
 250g Gnocchi with chicken spinach, bacon and cream, parmesan (Allergen 1, 3, 7)  135 CZK
 250g Penne with chicken, Dried tomatoes, basil pesto, parmesan (Allergen 1, 3, 7, 8)  145 CZK
 200g Chicken steak with grilled pineapple with honey and almonds (Allergen 8)  145 CZK
 200g Grilled salmon steak on pink pepper with grilled vegetables (Allergen 4, 7)  215 CZK
 150g Fillet of trout from local hatcheries roasted on cumin Served on fresh lettuce (Allergen 4, 7)  145 CZK
 250g Mushroom risotto with parmesan (Allergen 7)  115 CZK
 150g Fried cheese / Camembert, mayonnaise (Allergen 1, 3, 7)  95 CZK


 250g Fresh green salad with grilled chicken brest and lime dressing (Allergen 7)  125 CZK
 250g Vegetable salad with grilled pork tenderloin and honey-mustard dressing (Allergen 10)  125 CZK
 150g Fresh vegetable salad with basil pesto and balsamic vinegar (Allergen 8)  55 CZK


 100g Chicken steak (Allergen 1)  75 CZK
 100g Fried cheese, mayonnaise (Allergen 1, 3, 7)  65 CZK


 200g Roasted potatoes  35 CZK
 200g Mashed potatoes(Allergen 7)  35 CZK
 200g Boiled potatoes (Allergen 7)  25 CZK
 200g French fries  35 CZK
 200g Croquettes  35 CZK
 250g Potato pancake(Allergen 1,3,7)  45 CZK
 200g Steamed rice  25 CZK
 150g Green beans with bacon and garlic  45 CZK
 150g Grilled vegetables (Allergen 7)  45 CZK


 50g Homemade mayonnaise (Allergen 3)  25 CZK
 50g Ketchup  15 CZK
 50g Mustard (Allergen 10)  15 CZK
 50g Honey-mustard (Allergen 10)  25 CZK
50g Fresh horseradish 35 CZK


 50g Green pepper sauce (Allergen 7)  30 CZK
 50g Honey - mustard sauce (Allergen 10)  30 CZK


 2ks Apple strudel with whipped cream (Allergen 1, 3, 7, 8)  55 CZK
 2pcs Pancakes with blueberry jam and yoghurt sauce (Allergen 1, 3, 7)  65 CZK
  Ice-cream sundae with fruit and whipped cream (Allergen 1, 7)  65 CZK
  Scoop vanilla ice cream topped with raspberry sauce and chocolate whipped cream (Allergen 7)  45 CZK
  Scoop vanilla or chocolate ice cream (Allergen 7)  15 CZK

On request, we can provide service in traditional costumes, including hangman Mydlar, sword man, belly dancers, fire-eaters and live medieval music to make your evening an unforgettable experience.

Stay packages

  • Beer spa
    Beer spa

    from 2 450CZK

  • from 1 745CZK

Other special offers


  •  Bobsled track
    Bobsled track

    The bobsleigh track is located in the Klimeška sports complex. The track is uniquely laid on three slopes and its length is 1565 m longest in the Czech Republic and the second longest in Europe, the elevation of the track is 42 m.

  • Kačina Chateau
    Kačina Chateau

    Kačina Chateau is one of the most important buildings of Empire architecture in the Czech Republic. It is located in the village of St. Nicholas, on the road to Nové Dvory, about 6.5 km northeast of Kutná Hora.

  • Royal silvering
    Royal silvering

    During her stay in Kutná Hora, I can see a bit of her history. Be part of a traditional Gothic festivity reminiscent of the glory of the Royal Upper Town.