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Drink menu

Drink menu


  0,3l 0,4l 0,5l
Staropramen 11° 22 CZK   28 CZK
Staropramen 10° 20 CZK   26 CZK
Staropramen ALCOHOL FREE 22 CZK   28 CZK
Staropramen cool lemon, grep can     28 CZK
Cider 0,33l     29 CZK    
Corona extra 0,325l    75 CZK    


7g Espresso /ristretto/ 35 CZK
7g Espresso 35 CZK
7g Espresso /lungo/ 35 CZK
14g Espresso /doppio/ 55 CZK
7g Cappuccino 40 CZK
7g Latte macchiato 45 CZK
7g Algerian coffee 45 CZK
7g Turkish coffee 30 CZK
7g Viennes coffee 38 CZK
7g Irich coffee 69 CZK
7g Ice coffee 49 CZK

Tea - pickwick leafs

Imperial earl grey 29 CZK
Green blossom 29 CZK
Mint fusion 29 CZK
Lovely jasmine 29 CZK
Golden darjeeling 29 CZK

Hot beverages

0,2l Hot ginger with honey and lemon 39 CZK
0,2l Grog 39 CZK
0,2l Hot wine 45 CZK
0,2l Hot chocolate 35 CZK
0,25l Hot apple or pear 36 CZK

Goodies for beer

1ks Chips 29 CZK
1ks Salted peanuts 29 CZK
1ks Salted pistachio 39 CZK
1ks Roasted almonds 39 CZK
1ks Chewing gum 19 CZK

Non alkoholic drinks

0,1l kofola 5 CZK
0,25l Pepsi 27 CZK
0,25l Pepsi light 27 CZK
0,25l 7up 27 CZK
0,25l Tonic 27 CZK
0,25l Mirinda 27 CZK
0,25l Canada dry 27 CZK
0,33l Mattoni sparkling 24 CZK
0,33l Aquila still 24 CZK
0,75l Mattoni sparkling 42 CZK
0,75l Aquila still 42 CZK
0,33l Aquila ice tea 27 CZK
0,33l Sládkova limonade 27 CZK
0,5l Water 8 CZK
1,0l Water 17 CZK
0,25l Red bull 60 CZK

Homemade lemonade

0,2l Jahodová s mátou 35 CZK
0,5l Jahodová s mátou 45 CZK
0,2l Malinová s bazalkou 35 CZK
0,5l Malinová s bazalkou 45 CZK
0,2l Citronová 35 CZK
0,5l Citronová 45 CZK


0,25l Toma Orange 27 CZK
0,25l Toma Apple 27 CZK
0,25l Toma Multivitamin 27 CZK
0,25l Toma Black currant 27 CZK
0,25l Toma Pear 27 CZK
0,25l Toma Cherry 27 CZK
0,25l Toma Strawberry 27 CZK

Wine cask

0,1l Tramín červený (polosuché) 20 CZK
0,1l Chardonnay (suché) 20 CZK
0,1l Merlot 20 CZK

Wine bottle

ask service for current wine list

Port wine

0,05l Sandeman Ruby porto 69 CZK


0,05l Martini bianco 38 CZK
0,05l Campari bitter 41 CZK


0,04l Vodka Finská 40 CZK
0,04l Vodka Božkov 30 CZK
0,04l Vodka Jelzin Cherry 27 CZK
0,04l Vodka Jelzin gold 27 CZK


0,04l Rum Božkov 30 CZK
0,04l Captain Morgan 50 CZK
0,04l Diplomatico Res 12 years 115 CZK


0,04l Fernet Stock 33 CZK
0,04l Fernet Stock Citrus 33 CZK
0,04l Zelená Božkov 30 CZK
0,04l Becherovka 35 CZK
0,04l Becherovka Lemond 35 CZK
0,04l Baileys 55 CZK
0,04l Vaječný likér Božkov 30 CZK
0,04l Griotka 30 CZK
0,04l Jägermeister 50 CZK


0,04l Slivovice Jelínek 45% 45 CZK
0,04l Hruškovice Spišská 45 CZK
0,04l Gin Beefeater 50 CZK
0,04l Tequila Olmeca Gold 60 CZK
0,04l Tequila Olmeca Silver 55-
0,04l Metaxa ******* 59 CZK

Whisky and Cognac

0,04l Jack Daniels 75 CZK
0,04l Jack Daniels honey 75 CZK
0,04l Johnie Walker 55 CZK
0,04l Jameson 55 CZK
0,04l Tullamore Dew 55 CZK
0,04l Chivas Regal 12 years 95 CZK
0,04l Hennessy 105 CZK

Stay packages

  • Beer spa
    Beer spa

    from 2 450CZK

  • from 1 745CZK

Other special offers


  •  Bobsled track
    Bobsled track

    The bobsleigh track is located in the Klimeška sports complex. The track is uniquely laid on three slopes and its length is 1565 m longest in the Czech Republic and the second longest in Europe, the elevation of the track is 42 m.

  • Kačina Chateau
    Kačina Chateau

    Kačina Chateau is one of the most important buildings of Empire architecture in the Czech Republic. It is located in the village of St. Nicholas, on the road to Nové Dvory, about 6.5 km northeast of Kutná Hora.

  • Royal silvering
    Royal silvering

    During her stay in Kutná Hora, I can see a bit of her history. Be part of a traditional Gothic festivity reminiscent of the glory of the Royal Upper Town.