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Accompanying program

For your corporate event we can arrange also an accompanying program. Your time spent in Kutná Hora can be enriched, for example, by visiting the Abbey in Sedlec or the Church of St. Barbora, with a guided tour of the historic city center, or a visit to a themed performance or tasting of local wines.

Tour of Abbey in Sedlec

Visit the oldest Cistercian abbey in the Czech kingdom, where you can find out also how many bones are in Constance.

Tour of the historic center 

Let yourself be enchanted in day or night by the picturesque streets and corners of the old town of Kutna Hora and explore the best sights of the historic center with a professional guide.

Visit to the Church of St. Barbara and the adjacent Chapell of God's body 

Church of St. Barbara is considered to be the most original late-Gothic church of the cathedral type in Europe. Visit the symbol of the city and the most famous building of Kutná Hora.

Performance of the lords from Kolín

Choose from themed performances in period costumes with live music that take place in a stylish medieval tavern and entertain the participants of every corporate party. Themes are hangman, firearms and clothing history.

Live music, concerts

We will gladly arrange for you the performances of favorite local music groups to enhance your social event. There is a choice of multiple genres and repertoires of various artists.


We will help you test your team work, communication and "out of the box" skills in a fun way. The teambuilding program will be tailored exactly to your needs.

Tasting of wines from Kutna Hora

Wine Cellars Kutná Hora, s.r.o. are a small family company that has set itself the goal of restoring shady glory and a long tradition of vineyards in the area of Kutná Hora. An experienced winemaker will guide you through the whole tasting of local wines.


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